Mr. Ludovic ROBILLARD was born 1966 in a factory owner's family and raised with one fixed idea: become able to build any of his numerous invents such as the molecule knitting-machine or the anti gravity reactor. He still did not succeed in building prototypes of both (for instance :)).

However, after graduating in mechanic and after working in the family's factory for some years, he succeed in convicting his associated brother and sister to invest in a milling machine with which he started to build some of his invents.





He'd got some success with wooden strategic games before he encountered Mrs. Tran Minh Hai with whom he started COFRAVIE Ltd. (Franco - Vietnamese Company). Born in a teacher family in Vietnam, 1973, Mrs. Minh Hai spent her happy childhood making and playing many games created with household things and anything her parents trashed. Those wooden chair paper trash trucks and other bookstores figured her future working life. After getting degrees of chemical engineering and environmental engineering, she worked ten years as a teacher in HCMC's Universities while spending spare-time in web-design of Environmental Safety - a free environmental knowlege base. Now she is associated in COFRAVIE and webmistress of GATARIS website.