Current GATARIS factory GATARIS is a brand of COFRAVIE ltd, a small company aimed to develop innovative products in games, toys and leisure furnitures' area.

Starting in April 2007 after ten years of spare time activity making and selling wooden games, puzzles and magic devices, we bases our business on our recognized best sellers as well as other third party original invent.

Because of third millennium dramatic shift in IT, transport and production technology, we think that American dream is a worldwide accessible target for any well designed product. No mater the size of market; mass production is not more mandatory to warrant commercial benefit.

Moreover, small amounts of fine tuned products lead to increasing qualification on production side and higher enjoyment on final customer side while involving more engineers, designers and commercial talents and much less low salary unskilled workers for the same overall turnover than mass production. Both effects comply with current consumers' exigency evolution, work market evolution, and emerging countries need.

Thus we calqued our business model on disk industry with a fully equipped factory as recording studio and Christmass markets as concert halls. Because we are convicted that the same proliferation of talent that happend in music area can happend in functional art area.